Reason # 4,133 to love Bruno Mars.

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My interview this morning with Marli Brown #BellLetsTalk

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Here is some of what people had to say about the interview with Marli via text. Find out why by listening to the interview. From Selkirk – You are such a beautiful and inspiring women. From outside Winnipeg – Marli Brown…you are one courageous woman. I’m glad I caught your radio interview. People need to hear this, and you seem to be the perfect person to do it. From Winnipeg – Thank you so much for that interview Ace, feels like it was especially for me this morning. Just going on disability now and I feel like I now have a path leading me in the right direction. Xoxo From Winnipeg – Such an important cause. I’m not on Twitter, but I’m starting an account today. #BellLetsTalk From Winnipeg – I’ve had to explain to so many people that when you are in that ‘place’ you really do think your ...

Something I wrote about Clara Hughes at the 2010 Olympics...

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I was at the 2010 games in Vancouver and was lucky enough to watch Clara Hughes skate. I love her. She's the face and voice of Bell Let's Talk, and she's just a great person in general. I wrote this in the Winnipeg Free Press after she won yet another Oly medal. It says alot about her.

Ace Burpee, Winnipeg Free Press, February 2010

As if we needed any more reason to officially declare Clara Hughes one of greatest people of all time, she goes and donates her $10,000 bonus for winning bronze in the 5,000m to the Take-A-Hike Foundation. She somehow wills her 36-year-old legs to a bronze in a race that she once described as "Hell. Your heart feels like it's going to explode," and then immediately gives up the cash. What does this mean to the Take-A-Hike Foundation, who offer "alternative education programs that engage at-risk youth ...